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Commercial Systems

As a commercial operator you are looking for the best nurse call systems available offered at competitive price and delivered by an experienced provider.

Safety Systems Distribution understands that the needs of every operator are different. That is why our nurse call systems come in all shapes and sizes; wired or wire-free, simple or sophisticated, low cost or bespoke. If you can't readily find what you are looking for please give us a call or send us an email and we will endeavour to find you a solution.

Product Summary




Intercall is a feature rich UK manufactured high quality wired nurse call system with a range of features including speech, non-speech, infra-red and dementia options with light control. Able to be interfaced with displays, pagers, DECT telephones or to your own PABX - the permutations are almost endless. Browse through the options available and then give us a call and talk to the experts - we have been supplying Intercall since 1990 and have been closely involved in the specification and testing of all major developments over the last 20 years.

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TeleAlarm offers high quality solutions that are simple to install, simple to use, highly reliable and cost effective and is particularly suited to sites where wiring infrastructure does not exist, is damaged or where a wire-free system is preferred. Features include compact displays, large corridor displays, pager options, DECT options as well as computerised call logging and reporting. The range of accessories available include bed exit, wandering and fall alerts so no matter what your requirements are TeleAlarm has a solution.


eZone Alert System

eZone was developed as a wire-free solution offering scalable options and covering virtually any client scenario and was based on customer feedback over 20 years. If your current system is lacking in features and your installer cannot provide you with a solution then look more closely at eZone. Not only a nurse call system but staff protection, client wandering, fall alerts, movement detection, automatic staff presence detection, audit trail of client activity and access control - we have it all with eZone!

Staff Attack

Staff Attack

Guardian is a traditional wired staff protection system offering room specific location, dual level alert triggers, pager, display and DECT options.