Bed & Chair Exit Alarms

The risk of a patient getting out of a bed or chair and leaving themselves susceptible to injury is a problem many caregivers have to deal with on a daily basis.

We offer bed and chair exit alarms that make this job easier and reduce the likelihood a patient will leave their bed and wander unsupervised while at risk of falling. All of our systems can be linked back to a nurse call system in a care home or for carers on the move, a pager can be worn on the belt ensuring calls are never missed.

For relatives caring for an elderly or disabled parent in their homes, we can supply a portable alarm box that can be positioned around the house (for example in a living room or kitchen) allowing you to go about your day safe in the knowledge your loved ones are protected.


Emfit Safebed
Emfit Safebed

Bed-exit and fall prevention monitor. Raises an alarm when a user leaves their bed.

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Floor Pressure Mat
SSD-PM2 Pressure Mat

Large heavy duty floor mat detects when a client has stepped onto it. Useful for monitoring when someone has left their bed or entered a restricted area.

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Bed & Chair Exit Alarms
Bed or Chair Exit Alarm

Detects when a client leaves their bed or chair and raises an alarm. Can work stand alone or can be connected to a nurse call or pager system.

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The Emfit Safebed is a state-of-the-art bed occupancy monitoring system for fall and wandering prevention. Safebed is specifically designed for persons who are unable to call for help such as those suffering from dementia. Safebed consists of a monitor device and an under-mattress bed sensor. Safebed operates as a fall or bed exit monitor. It monitors the presence or absence of a person in bed by detecting all the person's movements and micro movements, such as those caused by a person's heart beating.

Safebed notifies the user if the person recumbent on a mattress fitted with the under-mattress sensor leaves the bed or does not return to it within predefined time.

The shortest bed exit delay is set at 3 seconds to avoid false alarms. The delay is adjustable up to 30 minutes. This feature allows either quick-time notification of a bed-exit or enables nurses to allow for a person's normal activites, such as going to the bathroom.

The bed sensor uses Emfit’s patented, thinfilm ferro-electret technology. It is totally undetectable and lasts for years as it is installed under the mattress. The monitor has an audible notification with adjustable volume and a dry-contact output for connection to nurse call systems or personal emergency phones.

Safebed operates with 2 × 1.5V AA size alkaline batteries. A medical grade AC adapter is also available as an optional extra.

Emfit Safebed


  • Sensor mat is unobtrusive and installed underneath the matress.
  • Variable delay allows users time to go to the bathroom.
  • No age or weight limits.
  • Adjustable sensitivity enables the alarm to be tailored specifically to the user.
  • Powered by 2 × AA batteries (supplied).
  • A medical grade AC adapter is also available.


The PM2 pressure mat has been specifically designed to assist with fall prevention. Positioned alongside the bed or in a doorway, the unit will reliably alert staff when a resident is on the move without being intrusive. Manufactured from durable PVC, the water resistant properties of the PM2 pressure mat make it easy to wipe clean and prolong the life of the unit. The pressure mat has an antibacterial coating to assist with infection control and features a non slip backing allowing the unit to be used on all solid surfaces.

The PM2 pressure mat simply plugs into your existing call point and activates a standard call when pressure is applied to the mat. Supplied with a 3.5mm (11.6 feet) lead terminated with a moulded plug and measuring 91cm x 61cm (35 x 24 inch), the large surface area of the pressure mat ensures sensor activation and that the alarm will be raised.

Floor Pressure Mat


  • Antibacterial coating helps with infection control.
  • Natural non-slip properties help clients remain steady.
  • Attractive finish helps the mat blend into the room.
  • Manufactured from tough, durable PVC.
  • Water resistant and may be wiped clean.
  • Suitable for placing onto a wide variety of surfaces.


The bed and chair exit kits are designed to provide immediate alerts when a client leaves their bed or chair in order to alert carers to possible fall risks.

The alarm can work as a stand alone system or is compatible with most nurse call systems with an optional connector lead. In home environments an alert can be sent to a pager worn on the belt or to a portable alarm box positioned around the house.

Bed & Chair Exit Alarms


  • Works on beds, chairs or with a floor sensor mat.
  • Quick and easy to setup.
  • Optional 2 second delay to reduce false alarms.
  • Battery powered or optional AC adaptor.
  • Connects to nurse call systems or works stand alone.
  • Alarm box can be wall mounted or fixed to bed/chairs.