Bed or Chair Exit Alarm Kit


Bed/Chair Exit Alarm Kit

Our bed and chair exit alarms are designed to provide immediate alerts when a client leaves their bed or chair in order to alert carers to possible fall risks.

They can work as a stand alone system or are compatible with most nurse call systems with an optional connector lead.

The controller works in 1 of 3 selectable modes:

With a bed or chair sensor mat when a person attempts to get up from the bed or chair

With a floor sensor mat when a person steps on or applies weight to the sensor

With a magnetic pull cord that alerts staff if the client moves away from the controller e.g. attempts to leave a chair unsupervised

Bed Exit Kit


Works with bed, chair and floor sensor mats

Immediate or 2 second delay available


Magnetic clip alarms when client moves away


Silent soft or loud audio levels can be selected


Silent mode available when connected to call systems


Battery powered with optional mains PSU


The system can be used with a bed, chair or floor sensor mat.