Cooker Guard

The Cooker Guard is a stand alone device aiming to reduce all risk of fire linked to an eventual missuse of an electric hob or cooker.

The Cooker Guard helps elderly people to live independently and safely.

Should the user unintentionally leave the cooker on, the Cooker Guard will automatically turn the cooker off before the temperature gets too high or when the preset time has elapsed.


The Cooker Guard consists of a sensor unit and a control unit. The sensor unit is mounted above the cooker and monitors heat generation on the hob. The unit will cut off the power if the heat gets dangerously high.

During daily use the cooker operates normally. When cooking is finished, simply turn off the cooker. The Cooker Guard is reset and ready for the next use. The Cooker Guard will only intervene when it detects the temperature is too high or when the preset time has elapsed making it a valuable aid without it interfering with the cooking experience.

The sensor unit can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, no special cleaning products are required.



  • Minimizes the potential fire hazard when an oven is left on.
  • Quick and easily installed by professionals.
  • Monitors cooking time and temperature.
  • Does not interfere with normal cooking habits.
  • Audiable alarm and LED lights show current status.
  • Can be used in homecare, sheltered housing, care home or hospital environments.
  • Helps people to live independently while keeping them safe.
Cooker Guard


The Cooker Guard only monitors the temperature coming out of the hot plates, however the preset cooking time applies to both the hot plates and the oven. The Cooker Guard allows a cooking time between 10 minutes and 2 hours depending on how it has been set.

The Cooker Guard sounds a local alarm when the temperature is too high or when the preset time limit has been reached. The colour of the LED light on the heat sensor also indicates the cooker’s temperature level.

For safety reasons, if the cooker turns off due to the temperature exceeding safe limits, the Cooker Guard cannot be reset before the cooling down period has expired. The cooling down period is the time that the cooker needs to go back to the lowest temperature required for safe use. This time varies between 2 and 18 minutes depending on the cooker. The cooling down period is set dynamically in a self-learning process of the Cooker Guard.

Cooker Guard


  • The Cooker Guard sensor is installed above the oven hob.
  • Warning lights and an audible alarm will sound if the temperature becomes too high.
  • If no action is taken by the user, the Cooker Guard will turn off the oven.
  • The cooker cannot be used again until the Cooker Guard detects the oven has returned to a safe temperature.

Important notice: Cooker Guard must be installed by a qualified electrician.


Cooker Guard Cooker Guard

Cooker Guard for use on electric ovens and hobs.

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