DISP1 Guardian LCD Corridor Display

163.00 (cm)
115.00 (cm)
35.00 (cm)

The DISP1 LCD Corridor Display Unit is the device used to sound the alarm and identify the location of each incident along with the level of assistance required. The display can also show the identity of the staff member calling for assistance.

The DISP1 features a two line 16 character back lit LCD display and a multi level adjustable alarm. The unit features different tones for different levels of call as well as having the capability of sounding a different tone for selected call points (doors, drugs cupboards, telephone etc). The DISP1 can also be setup to display specific call points (zoning) if required.

All DISP1 Display Units are identical, but each can be configured to operate independently or as a slave display to a master unit.

Size: 163 x 115 x 35 mm

Installation: Flush mount in standard double gang electrical back box. Surface mount using Intercall BB1 back box