Emfit Safebed QS with Sleep Tracking


Safety and wellness tracker designed for seniors

Emfit Safebed with Sleep Tracking

Safebed QS is an ingenious health and wellness tracker designed with seniors' additional safety needs in mind. It improves the safety of seniors and helps maintain their independence, enabling them to live on their own for a longer time. There is nothing to wear or carry, and no need to turn equipment on and off – Safebed is completely discrete and undetectable.

A highly durable sensor is simply installed underneath the mattress and paired with Wi-Fi. Safebed tracks sleep quality and quantity, heart and breathing rates, and even heart rate variability. Changes in long-term trends can give very valuable information about health and wellbeing.


  • Push notifications with app or by e-mail
  • Non-contact sleep tracker
  • Full night heart rate variability
  • Monitors all 3 sleep classes (REM, deep and light)
  • Real time sleep activity check
  • 30 day long term trends
  • Operates via Wi-Fi
  • 2 year limited warranty
Safebed with Sleep Tracking


Note: Safebed QS hardware and web application is a general wellness product for tracking the impact of free-time activities on sleep, recovery and wellness. It is not a medical device and is not intended to be used for diagnosis or monitoring of disease or other conditions, or investigation of a physiological process. Smartphone shown is for illustration purposes only and is not included.