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Increasing hostility encountered in workplace environments places employees at risk and affects staff morale. Protect your staff with Guardian, the ultimate in personal security systems!

The Guardian transmitter is worn by each member of staff. The system has two levels of call: "assistance" and "attack". In the event of an attack the unit is tugged from the retaining clip, sending out continuous attack signals to receiver units located throughout the area covered by the system. These units transmit to display units which sound the alarm and identify the exact location of the incident and the personnel involved in full alphanumeric text.

Staff carry discreet personal alarm triggers to generate a silent alert in the event of an incident

Clear and easy to read displays keep security instantly informed of all system activity at a glance

The system reports the precise location and caller identity so that security staff can respond quickly

Weatherproof external receivers provide coverage for outdoor areas such as gardens and car parks


The staff transmitters are discreet, easy to use and have two levels of call: "assistance" and "attack". This enables the Guardian system to be used as an attack alarm and also by staff to summon assistance at a touch of a button without having to leave the scene of the incident.


Guardian is easy to use by design with no buttons to press in an emergency and instant transmission of the unique signal. Resetting the system can also be carried out by key personnel with a reset transmitter, in the area the call was initiated or by a key switch at the display.

The system registers and cancels each signal individually and displays multiple calls in the order they are received, with an “attack” signal overriding all “assistance” calls until it has been dealt with.

The Guardian transmitter is worn on the belt by each member of staff

In the event of an attack, the unit is pulled downward, immediately transmitting an alarm signal

The alarm signal is detected by receiver units positioned around the building

Displays in key locations alert security staff to the location of the incident so they can respond


Every workplace is different and Guardian is easily adapted to your environment. Options such as silent mode to prevent alarms aggravating critical situations, or zoning in areas so that only local incidents are displayed, enable the system to work with you and in your best interests.

The system can be easily expanded to cover additional internal and external areas and can be upgraded in line with your requirements at any time. Guardian provides peace of mind for your staff enabling them to continue with their duties in a secure environment.


Any attack system has to be totally reliable to ensure your staff has complete confidence in the protection you are providing. Guardian utilises a combination of advanced infra-red and optional radio technology; ensuring that wherever your member of staff’s location, either inside the building or outside (e.g. a car park, courtyard or garden) their call will be received.

For added reliability, Guardian has a built-in “call follower” feature. Once an “attack” call has been made, the transmitter will continue to send “attack” signals which are picked up by the nearest receiver unit. If the incident moves to another part of the building, the latest location will be tracked by Guardian and will show on the display ensuring that help will go to the right place.

Guardian complies to UK HTM 08-03 Department of Health and HBN 03-01 acute Mental Health unit design standards and has Inspectorate of Probation approval.

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