Mobile SOS Pendant

3.50 (cm)
6.00 (cm)
1.00 (cm)

Peace of mind without affecting your freedom!

Our emergency SOS pendant works anywhere there is a mobile signal, giving you peace of mind while offering full independence!

When the button is pressed, the pendant automatically begins to call 3 phone numbers one after another until someone answers. You can then talk through the pendant to ask for help or let friends and loved ones know you are OK. The pendant allows full, two-way communication so a friend or carer can speak to the user and provide any required help or reassurance.

If no one answers, the pendant begins with the first number again and then cycles through the numbers for a total of 9 calls. If all calls remain unanswered, the pendant sends an emergency text message to all 3 numbers.

  • User speaks to friends and loved ones rather than unfamiliar call centre operatives
  • Dials up to 3 numbers and keeps calling until someone responds
  • 30 minutes talk time and up to 6 months standby time
  • Low battery alert
  • Fully rechargeable via USB

How is it set up?

The pendant is programmed by us and arrives ready to work out of the box! Once we receive your order we will send you a form allowing you to submit your 3 chosen emergency contact numbers to us. Once we have these, the pendant will be programmed and our technicians will carry out a series of test calls to ensure everything is correct. The pendant is then shipped to you and is ready to use.

What are the ongoing costs?

Your pendant is supplied with a SIM card allowing 150 minutes of talk time for 3 months, free of charge. This works with multiple networks across the UK & Europe, ensuring you always have reception. At the end of the free period you have the option of continuing the provided SIM for £10.00 per month or you can replace the SIM with one of your own e.g. a Pay As You Go SIM or one for your own chosen network.