TA74 GSM Carephone

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TA74 series: Carefree living with innovative carephone technology

The TeleAlarm TA74 GSM carephone has been developed for people who lead an independent life in their own home, but who want the feeling of security that help is always at hand when it is needed. In case of an emergency, the TA74 sends an alarm via the telephone network, or via LAN/Ethernet connection, to either a monitoring centre or a private phone.

The emergency call is triggered by pressing the emergency call button on the TA74, or via the call button on the wireless transmitter that is included with the device. When used with the optional fall watch, the emergency call is triggered when it detects a fall or if the user presses the call button featured on the watch. This ensures a call can be generated should the user fall more gently, such as a controlled fall against a wall.

Finally, the TA74 includes a built-in activity monitor, which ensures that an emergency call is made automatically if the daily button is not pressed within a preset period of time.

With a battery life of up to 48 hours, optimum protection is ensured even during a power failure. In addition, up to three messages can be recorded and played at configured times (e.g. to remind you to take your medication or remember an appointment). If a reminder is not acknowledged, an alarm can be automatically triggered.

The GSM version of the TA74 does not need a phone line to work! Simply install a SIM card and the unit will dial out via GSM, perfect for buildings with no phone line or intermittent or frequently interrupted telephone coverage.

TA74 carephone and pendant

The TA74 Family offers the following advantages:

• Quick and easy programming via an intuitive cloud programming
• Various communication protocols
• Best in class audio quality
• Always up to date via software remote updates
• Activity monitoring
• Vocal reminders
• Easy care – easy to clean and waterproof according to IP32
• 100% high-quality ABS material
• Can be used with accessories such as the fall sensor watch to detect falls

The TA74 can be programmed quickly and easily via the TeleAlarm Cloud Services platform (over LAN/Ethernet or analogue telephony) or by Configuration Manager software on a local computer. This cloud or local programming is a “plug and play” process, sparing installers time and complication.