Touch Call Point Basic


Touch Call Point Basic

The Call Point Basic is our entry-level call point and ideal for use in most care environments, from larger hospitals to residential care homes. Its sleek, wall mounted design is simple to use. It is the perfect call assistance device for staff, patients or residents, whether positioned alongside the bed or in more general areas.

Multiple Call Levels

Emergency Innovation

Flexible Connectivity


The Call Point Basic has multiple programmable levels, including call, accept, priority, catering, assistance and emergency. These can be used to identify whether the patient needs the toilet, is hungry or thirsty, has fallen out of bed or simply requires attention.

The Call Point Basic has a Code Blue option, vital for Cardiac and A&E wards, in addition to the innovative double push emergency function.

The Call Point Basic is installed on the simple Intercall Bus network and can act as a central hub, allowing it to be tethered to remote devices such as pull-cords, pressure mats and pear leads.

The Call Point Basic features a built-in call reassurance LED, which gives the patient or resident an immediate visual indication that their call has been successfully generated and that help is on the way, and a sound alert to inform the nurse of an active call elsewhere on the system.

Technical Specification

Height 106mm
Width 96mm
Depth 24mm
Weight 125g

Network: Intercall bus

Installation: Surface mount enclosure to UK/EU fixing