CDVI Push to Exit Button Green Dome Surface

8.50 (cm)
8.50 (cm)
2.90 (cm)

Standard stainless steel exit button

The RTE-SS series of exit switches offer a flexible solution to provide exit triggering in a variety of applications. From medium to heavy traffic use, these push buttons are suitable for internal and external use. In consultation with the installers, we have adopted “PRESS TO EXIT” as the standard wording on the switches - this was requested to replace “DOOR RELEASE”, as some switches are used to control gates and barriers.

The exit button options are standard stainless steel or high impact green dome. The green dome is particularly suited for users who require a larger “target” button - in homes for the elderly, for example.

  • Stainless steel button
  • Stainless steel plate
  • Surface box
  • Internal & external use