Touch Pear Lead


Touch Pear Lead

The Call Point Standard has the functionality of the Call Point Basic and much more. Like the Call Point Basic, it is ideal for use in most care environments, from larger hospitals to residential care homes. Its sleek, wall mounted design is simple to use.

It is the perfect call assistance device for staff, patients or residents, whether positioned alongside the bed or in more general areas. Unlike the Call Point Basic, the Call Point Standard uses RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) to identify and track staff and it can be paired with the Wristband Transmitter.


User Friendly and Reassuring






Twin Light Control

Touch Pear Lead


The Pear Lead has been designed specifically for the frailer patient with restricted movement, and as such its easy operating interface is straightforward to use. The Pear Lead features a built-in call reassurance LED, which gives the patient or resident an immediate visual indication that their call has been successfully generated.


The Pear Lead contains a simple individual call button that is connected to a Call Point, allowing staff to see the precise location of the call. Its durable clip fastens securely to the patient’s sheets or bedclothes, ensuring that it is always within easy reach, particularly important for patients with restricted movement.


Being water resistant IP44 rated manufactured from hospital grade material, makes it ideal for cleaning and hygiene.


An alternative lead is available with twin light control to allow patients to control their own bedside lighting.

Technical Specification

Height 49mm
Width 49mm
Depth 16mm
Weight 25g

Ingress Protection Marking: IP44

Connection: RJ10