AIRX8 Addressable External IR Receiver


The Addressable Infra Red External Receivers use infrared technology to detect incidents in outside locations. The reliable design of the unit means that it is immune to interference from sunlight.

This component of the personal alarm system is housed within an IP65 rated weatherproof case, designed specifically to provide coverage for external areas such as courtyards, patios and gardens.

All cable entry points are made through knock-outs at the bottom and back of the unit, where a conduit union can be fitted to ensure that no moisture ingresses into the electronics.

The design of the AIRX8, along with the sun filter, means that it is immune to interference from sunlight. The unit should be mounted high on an external wall to prevent tampering. In the event of tampering with the AIRX8, the unit has a tamper switch built into it, which will alert the display units.

As with all the Guardian addressable IR receivers, the unit is addressable. It has a removable jumper to disable the two colour reassurance LED which, when active, indicates that the unit is operational.

  • Provides coverage for external areas
  • Designed to prevent interference from sunlight
  • Fully addressable

Technical Information

Installation: 2.5 to 3.0 metres high on wall for maximum sensitivity.

Approximate range of 15m, depending on environmental conditions.

Weight 1200g