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Intercall 700
One of the most advanced speech nurse call systems on the market

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Intercall 700 is a feature rich nurse call system featuring high quality, two-way speech. It offers a wide range of easy-to-use triggering devices for the patient or resident as well as complete event recording facilities for managers or team leaders. In addition, Intercall 700 can normally be installed directly into an existing wiring system, keeping disruption to an absolute minimum.

The 700 System audio call points feature hands-free two-way speech with an audio page facility, configurable emergency ‘crash call’ button and ten levels of call including ‘priority’ and ‘attack’.

Hands-free two-way communication between all audio devices helps to reassure the patient that help is on its way

Wide range of accessories including floor pressure mats, pear push leads, neck pendants and bed & chair exit alarms

Trouble-free installation. Every Intercall 700 unit has been designed for fast, simple installation and can be reconfigured at any time

The automatic data log can record all call activity, alerts and responses enabling managers to demonstrate accountability

The Intercall 700 system has been designed to offer total flexibility of configuration, making it the ideal solution whatever the individual requirements of the home or hospital. Furthermore, because of the system’s inherent flexibility, you can easily add extra call points, display units and a wide range of additional features as and when you need them.

It provides hands-free two-way speech facilities between all audio units, with ten levels of call priority, and using the latest power supply with built-in call logging software enables you to store all Intercall activities on a standard personal computer. With its unique combination of flexibility, simplicity and efficiency, Intercall 700 is the undisputed market leader in nurse call systems.

Intercall 700 components

Intercall 700 Features:

Multi-level alarms enable you to prioritise every call instantly, improving the level of care that you can provide

Staff pagers and Android phones can be connected to the Intercall system to ensure staff are always aware of what is happening

The optional infra-red neck pendants allow calls to be made without the resident ever having to leave their bed or chair

Using the latest power supply with built-in call logging software, you can store all Intercall activities and manage them via your PC

Wide range of accessories – including breath switches, pressure mats, water-resistant air switches and pear leads

Your system will be installed by highly trained engineers and we provide long-term back up throughout the life of your system

Intercall 700 Components:

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