Stove Guard - Cooker Safety Device


Stove Guard

The easy and effective way to reduce house fires!

Over half of house fires start from cooking appliances. This award-winning and intelligent fire safety solution prevents fires by turning off the cooker power supply before toxic gases can be produced and before a fire can start.

How does it work?

Stove Guard measures the temperature from the stove to ensure it is safe. If the system detects a potentially dangerous situation, it will begin to alarm. If this is ignored, the system will automatically turn the stove off. This makes it ideal for users who forget to turn the stove off after use or for someone with dementia, for instance, where they may become distracted and wander away.

The device works silently in the background and adjusts its sensitivity level based on the user's cooking style, so that false alarms do not disturb day to day cooking. The heat sensor’s sleek design fits well to its surroundings whether located on the cooker hood, wall or ceiling and does not impede the user or make them feel like their actions are being monitored or controlled.

Stove Guard sounds a pre-alarm in case of potentially dangerous situation while cooking
If the warning is not acknowledged, Stove Guard alarms and cuts off the power to the cooker
When the cooker has cooled down to a safe temperature, it is ready to be used again

Stove Guard acts before a dangerous situation even occurs. Normal smoke and fire detectors are not recommended for use in the kitchen and are only able to alert the user once the fire has already started, whereas Stove Guard prevents the fire from ever happening!

Stove Guard acts before flames are formed and prevents fires even when you are not present or are otherwise unable to switch the power off, such as when the user wanders away, forgets they have left food cooking or if they should have a seizure.

Stove Guard is compatible with all electric cookers. Over 400,000 Stove Guards are currently installed around the world, protecting families and property. And Stove Guard is the first device that fulfils the requirements of the European stoveguard standard EN 50615!

Technical Information

Stove Guard is compatible with electric cookers rated at 32amps, making it usable with the majority of standard cookers found in domestic kitchens. It is not suitable for range style cookers or professional cookers as these have a much higher power rating. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure compatibility before purchasing. Please note a 35% restocking fee will be applied to any order returned due to incompatibility.

Important: Stove Guard does not monitor the oven.


Stove Guard is easily installed in around 15 minutes. The product consists of a heat sensor, a control unit and an installation kit. Stove Guard’s intelligent and wireless heat sensor is attached underneath the cooker hood with adhesive and uses a button cell for power. The heat sensor can also be installed on the wall or the ceiling if preferred. The control unit is connected to the power supply of the cooker and installed out of sight.

Stove Guard must be installed by a qualified electrician only.