Careline Dispersed Alarms

With an exciting and attractive design combined with outstanding features, the Careline ANNA and GSM units offer a new vision of the dispersed alarm. Easy to use and maintain, Careline ANNA and Careline GSM represent the perfect solution for alarm response services that aim to save time and increase the care givers efficiency.

The Careline units are installed in people homes and programmed to make an emergency call to a monitoring station or relatives upon an active alarm made by the user or upon an automatic alarm generated by an alarm sensor, like a smoke detector or fall sensor watch.

The Careline is equipped with both a microphone and a speaker and can be used as speakerphone, which allows calls with no additional interaction from the user following the alarm activation. The Careline range is the combination of 2 units featuring same design but different functionalities.


The Careline ANNA unit constantly monitors the peripherals and transmitters attached to it. If the Careline unit no longer receives a signal from one of these peripherals, an alarm is automatically raised to the monitoring station.

Should a user feel vulnerable or need assistance, they can manually activate a transmitter worn on either the wrist or around the neck. This will instruct the Careline ANNA to send an emergency call to up to 10 different care recipients. These could include a local telecare service provider or call centre, a designated carer or a number of family members.

When the Careline ANNA is used in a sheltered housing environment, the alarm can also be transmitted to portable DECT phones via an alarm receiver.



The Careline GSM unit has exactly the same design and basic functionality as the Careline ANNA unit, however the built-in GSM/GPRS module makes the unit unique on the market.

No external GSM module or antenna is needed. The unit doesn't even need a phone line to work!

The Careline GSM can work either on the analogue network or the GSM network. The ability to switch from analogue to GSM and vice-versa increases the safety when one of the networks is not available.

The GSM can be easily moved from one place to another as the GSM unit offers more than 2 weeks of battery life (420 hours). For instance, it could be used for a week's stay on holiday without any power source or a fixed telephone line.


  • Modern, sleek design is lightweight and portable.
  • Easy to use transmitter can be worn on the wrist or around the neck.
  • Long life pendant - up to 30,000 acvtivations from one battery!
  • Helps elderly or vulnerable users feel secure in their own homes.
  • Can alert carers when a user falls over and needs help.
  • Careline GSM can work without a power source or phone line, making it a truly portable system.
  • Features high quality, handsfree speech.
  • Provides peace of mind to carers and relatives, assistance is just a button press away.


The Careline ANNA and Careline GSM both come with a Tx4 transmitter that can be worn either as a necklace around the neck or as bracelet around the wrist. A user who is in danger or otherwise needs assistance can activate the transmitter, triggering the Careline.

When the signal is successfully received, a visual acknowledgement is sent back to the Tx4 and a green LED lights up. This reassures the user that the alarm has been received and will be dealt with.

The Tx4 pendant is fully waterproof and features a long-life replaceable battery with an exceptional 30,000 activations!

The Tx4 has a range of 150m, making it suitable for use in even the largest of rooms.

Tx4 Transmitter



Careline ANNA

Careline ANNA 

Comprises Careline ANNA unit, Tx4 pendant and UK power supply.

This system requires a telephone line and standard mains electrical power source.

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Careline GSM

Careline GSM 

Comprises Careline GSM unit, Tx4 pendant and UK power supply.

This system can be used with a telephone line or via a sim card when no telephone line is present.

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Tx4 Pendant

Tx4 Transmitter 

Replacement pendant - can be worn on the wrist or around the neck.

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