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Fall Monitoring

Caring for a loved one who is prone to falls can be a stressful task. Thankfully there are various systems available to help you in this role and provide reassurance that should someone fall over, an alert can be raised and assistance can be provided quickly.

Whether this is via an alarm that detects when someone falls and raises the alarm automatically or a more conventional system that alerts you when someone has left their bed or chair and is therefore likely to fall, there is a solution available for you.


The Fall Sensor Watch was developed in order to provide an alarm should a user experience a fall. The watch senses that a fall has occured and sends a signal to a carer or relative, alerting them to the fall. This makes it especially effective for users who fall heavily and are unable to raise the alarm themselves.

The watch also features an alarm button so help can be raised manually, for instance if the fall was gentle but the user is unable to get to their feet without help.

The Fall Sensor watch can send a signal to a dispersed alarm (such as our Careline range) which can telephone a carer or relative or go back to a call centre who can arrange assistance from the care team. In a nursing home environment, the alarm can be raised on the nurse call system so that staff are alerted around the building.

Fall Sensor Watch


  • Waterproof hypoallergenic casing.
  • Manual push button to summon help.
  • Automatic alarm triggered by a heavy fall.
  • Built-in reassurance LED.
  • Replaceable battery with 2 year lifespan.
  • Helps elderly or vulnerable users feel secure.

Note: The Fall Sensor Watch can be used with a nurse call system when combined with the SA301 receiver. This interface ensures the transmission from the watch is relayed to the call system so that the call is raised.



The SSD-PM2 pressure mat has been specifically designed to assist with fall prevention. Positioned alongside the bed or in a doorway, the unit will reliably alert staff when a resident is on the move without being intrusive. Manufactured from durable PVC, the water resistant properties of the SSD-PM2 pressure mat make it easy to wipe clean and prolong the life of the unit. The pressure mat has an antibacterial coating to assist with infection control and features a non slip backing allowing the unit to be used on all solid surfaces.

The SSD-PM2 pressure mat simply plugs into your existing call point and activates a standard call when pressure is applied to the mat. Supplied with a 3.5mm (11.6 feet) lead terminated with a moulded plug and measuring 1200 x 600mm, the large surface area of the pressure mat ensures sensor activation and that the alarm will be raised.

Floor Pressure Mat


  • Antibacterial coating helps with infection control.
  • Natural non-slip properties help clients remain steady.
  • Attractive finish helps the mat blend into the room.
  • Manufactured from tough, durable PVC.
  • Water resistant and may be wiped clean.
  • Suitable for placing onto a wide variety of surfaces.


The Anti-Tamper Fall Prevention Alarm kit is designed to provide immediate alerts when a client leaves their bed or chair in order to alert carers to possible fall risks. The Fall Prevention Alarm can work as a stand alone system or is compatible with most nurse call systems with an optional connector lead.

The sensor will raise an alarm as soon as the user leaves the mat. Optionally, a 2 second delay can be used to help reduce false alarms. In this mode, if the resident moves position on the chair or bed and temporarily removes themselves from the mat for under 2 seconds then no alarm will be raised.

Anti-Tamper Alarm


  • Works on beds, chairs or with a floor sensor mat.
  • Anti-tamper design for greater client security.
  • Optional 2 second delay to reduce false alarms.
  • Battery powered or optional AC adaptor.
  • Connects to nurse call systems or works stand alone.
  • Alarm box can be wall mounted or fixed to bed/chairs.


Fall Sensor Watch
Fall Sensor Watch

Automatically detects when a client has fallen and sends a signal to a carer or relatives phone when. Designed for use with the Careline range of carephones (sold separately).

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Fall Sensor Watch & SA301 Receiver
Fall Sensor Watch & SA301 Receiver

Automatically detects when a client has fallen and sends a signal to a nurse call system. This kit includes the SA301 receiver for use on nurse call systems.

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Floor Pressure Mat
SSD-PM2 Pressure Mat

Large heavy duty floor mat detects when a client has stepped onto it. Useful for monitoring when someone has left their bed or entered a restricted area.

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Bed & Chair Exit Alarm
Bed or Chair Exit Alarm

Detects when someone has left their bed or chair and sends an alarm signal to a nurse call system, staff pager or alarms locally in the room.

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