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Introducing the Intercall One Series!
Addressing mobility concerns and reducing alarm fatigue for the carer

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Product Specifications

Intercall One builds on the platform of the bestselling Intercall legacy systems, providing a modern, affordable call system created for the digital age. Installed on the robust Intercall wired framework, to offer a system upgrade with the minimum of disruption, the interconnected call points supply unrivalled reliability, assisting in the smooth running of the care facility.

Real-time accurate call data is delivered to the right people in the right place at the right time throughout the facility ensuring prompt response. The system is supported with Intercall Care cards to identify staff and record actions, integrating with care management functions.

Intercall One combines the latest features and technology with a modern, stylish design to compliment the care home environment

Using the reliable 2 wire infrastructure, systems can be easily installed for new builds or upgraded for renovations with a minimum amount of disruption

Blend of wired infra-structure for robustness along with mobile accessories such as Android phones or pagers for the perfect hybrid system

The Intercall data logger provides accurate performance data, helping managers make informed decisions, while reassuring patients of high care standards

Intercall One Series components

Intercall One Features:

Using the latest in low power LCD technology, the alarm panel features a crystal-clear backlit display with user controls to scroll nurse call activity clearly in order of alert level and receipt. The bright and easy to read displays show clear nurse call information for staff to prioritise the appropriate alert response

With the capacity to log over 100 million events, the Intercall data log is an indispensable management tool for modern care providers. The secure Intercall Cloud service enables care managers to evaluate the number of calls, types of calls and response times to help make informed management decisions

The One series call points are ideal for use in care environments as the main communication points for staff, patients or residents. Whether positioned alongside the bed or in more general areas, they utilise the latest in Bluetooth and infra-red technology to precisely identify the caller's location and name

Intercall produce a range of accessories including neck pendants, pear leads and staff care cards. It also features simple integration methods for other care devices available in the market. The One series is also hygienic & easy to clean, using antibacterial water resistant materials to keep the user safe

The One series Access Control Points are a simple, cost effective, contactless ID security system. Using the latest technology, they allow care facilities to manage access to sensitive and restricted areas. With multiple access levels and the ability to delete users, entry to sensitive areas can be fully managed

The addressable call points feature easy to use tactile buttons to generate a call. Residents can also utilise comfortable mobile pendants and lightweight pear leads. Upon call attendance, nursing staff can enable the call point to generate priority call levels requesting assistance and support from colleagues

Intercall One Components:

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