122 Intercall One Series Call Point with Infrared

8.50 (cm)
8.50 (cm)
1.50 (cm)

One Series call points are ideal for use in care environments as the main communication points for staff, patients or residents. The entry level addressable call point features tactile buttons and universal jack socket to lightweight pear leads to generate an alert. Upon call attendance nursing staff can enable the call point to generate priority call levels requesting assistance and support from nursing colleagues.

Features an infrared receiver allowing the use of the 182 One Series wearable neck pendant, ensuring residents can call for help while away from the call point, such as from their bed or chair.

Universal Jack Socket
A wide range of call bell accessories can be plugged into the universal jack socket to raise a call

The system is fully programmable with unique address and username

Call reassurance LED’s are built-in all call bell aids to provide a visual confirmation that help is on the way