L7322 Stainless Steel Shrouded Attack Button

8.50 (cm)
8.50 (cm)
4.00 (cm)

The Intercall L7322 is an addressable fixed point push button unit for applications where a fixed point call button is required for anyone to use. The device connects to the network like any other network device, and has its own unique address to give a location when activated.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Features a shrouded push button to prevent accidental activation
  • Multiple alert levels
  • Assigned its own text address to display on the system
  • Built in reassurance LED giving the user an immediate visual indication that help is on the way
  • Features an external auxiliary input

Technical Information

Height 85mm
Width 85mm
Weight 150g
Material BS303 Grade 1.5mm stainless steel
Installation Flush / Surface mount to UK 1 gang fixing centres