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STC8 IR/RF Staff Activation Device

£140.00 exc. vat

Product Information


Personal Activation Devices are worn by all members of staff that require protection.

  • Infrared Transmitter
  • STC8 also has a radio transmitter and aerial built into the unit
  • Confidence LED
  • Push button activator - call level 1
  • Snatch pin - call level 2 (generally 'Attack')
  • Both buttons are programmable and offer a number of levels of "call" type
  • Transmit to wall mounted call points with infrared receivers or dedicated receivers mounted at high level
  • Once activated, sends an infrared signal as described above, and simultaneously sends the same codes via the radio transmitter
  • This dual technology provides RF back up to the infrared, or additional coverage to larger external areas such as Staff Car Parks, where it is impractical to use infrared

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