948 Intercall Touch Display


The Touch Display is the heart of the Intercall Touch Series. Perfect for larger hospitals or smaller care residences, the Touch Display is the central hub of the Touch Series nurse call system. Ideally installed on a desk or wall mounted, the Touch Display is the primary nurse call system staff interaction point. It helps nursing staff with monitoring while notifying them of calls and alerts on the system, allowing them to decide the most appropriate response. Single or multiple display’s can be installed, depending on the size and individual needs of the care facility.

Connectivity is key with the Touch Display. With a PoE TCP/IP connection, staff have the ability to contact users across the system. It also allows the user to monitor and create staff performance indicators via the on board data logging feature.

Audio-visual display
An audio-visual device, the Touch Display has a full colour touch screen display with simple, clear iconography to help staff quickly prioritise calls. It can list calls in order of priority and receipt, and has a selection of tones that can be easily configured by the user.

Locate Staff
The Touch Display uses the latest RFID technology to identify staff and control user access. It also tracks staff location and actions, providing security and peace of mind to both staff and patients.

The Touch Display, like all products in the Touch Series, has been designed using engaging soft forms, balancing technology with human engagement. The Touch Display has a user configurable colour palette, allowing the display to compliment your brand colour palette or décor.

Technical Specification:

Height 156mm
Width 202mm
Depth 41mm
Weight 560g

Network: IEEE802.3af

Installation: Surface Mount enclosure to UK/EU fixing