Alphanumeric Pager


The new Commtech 7950 is an alphanumeric pager with a vast array of features. It's rigorously-tested, durable casing ensures that the pager handles the toughest environments better than any other pager on the market. The 7950 is the first in the Commtech range to boast the option of a 4 line display. Users can choose between the 2, 2 line bold and 4 line alphanumeric display options, allowing them to view long messages quickly or read shorter messages at a glance. Commtech 7950 pagers have longer battery life than their predecessors and can also be configured to operate as rechargeable pagers.

Offering the options of tone, vibrate or tone and vibrate alerts, pager users have their choice in discretion, based on the pager’s use and the operator’s job role. Cost effective and easy-to-use, the Commtech 7950 alphanumeric pager is perfect for use in hospitals, care homes and sheltered housing accommodation.

  • Portable, easy-to-use,alphanumeric pager
  • 2 or 4 line display
  • Up to 80 days of battery life
  • Specially designed durableplastic casing
  • Programmable by hand or USB software
  • Up to 8 cap codes
  • Vibrate and tone alert options
  • Comes with protective holster and lanyard