G746 Guardian Overdoor Light

85.00 (cm)
85.00 (cm)
25.00 (cm)

The G746 Overdoor Light Unit is an optional item usually located above a door, at the end of a corridor or at a corridor junction. It will indicate the status of the IR receiver within a room or as an indicator of which direction to follow when responding to a call. The unit is fitted with twin ultra-bright LEDs which mimic the reassurance indicator on the IR receiver unit.

It is fully addressable and requires no separate connection to the IR receiver, and can be located anywhere on the network. Simply set the address range to that of the receivers which the G746 is required to indicate. There are two banks of DIL switches: one set to the lowest receiver address and the other set the highest.

As the unit can only show one call at a time the calls are prioritised as follows: Attack or Emergency / Assistance / Call.

Technical Information

Installation: Flush or surface mount in standard 1 gang box

Size 80 x 80 x 40mm

Weight 70g