Intercall IP470 IP Data Logger

14.50 (cm)
9.00 (cm)
25.00 (cm)

The IP470 has been designed to provide an IP platform for older Intercall 600 / 700 systems, so existing users can benefit from the newer IP based technology.

A primary function of the IP470 is to capture the date & time of system activity whilst storing the data within its own embedded data log. The embedded log boasts room to store an impressive 7 million events. Managers can easily access the call history using their own PC to retrieve, print and download historic call data simply using the IP470’s search engine.

The IP470 includes a built in RS232 serial port to communicate with paging equipment. The IP470’s despatch engine quickly allows your installer to program pagers to your individual configuration.


  • Web based data logging
  • Web based system status
  • Advanced paging configuration from the embedded web site, with repeat function
  • Connects to the existing network without the need to replace the existing power supply
  • Embedded search facility, with date, time, location, event type filters
  • Provides a platform for greater IP integration

A fundamental design principle behind the IP470 is to provide embedded data logging to existing systems without interfering with the existing wiring. The IP470 wires directly onto the Intercall legacy network (allow 12 current units), ideally located near to the L717 power supply. However the IP470 can also be set to operate via PoE if power or distance is an issue.

The IP470 provides an Ethernet port for direct connection to either a single PC or LAN. The IP470 has been designed to support existing systems, it upgrades and replaces the functions previously performed by the L747 interface.