Intercall Limprog USB Configuration Kit


The LIMK Limprog USB programming kit is used to program the Intercall nurse call systems.

The Intercall power supply no longer contains pre-set addresses such as "Bedroom 1" or "Lounge". To achieve custom text in this way, it is necessary to program this information into the power supply using the Limprog software.

Simply install the software to your computer and connect it to the Intercall power supply unit with the provided connection cable. Using the Limprog software, you can then choose to assign custom text to each address on the system by selecting the address number and typing your chosen text.

Once this address list has been completed and uploaded to the power supply unit, the custom text will now be shown on the display panels whenever a call is made.

The software is also used to program Intercall TIR4 neck pendants worn by clients who need to make calls remotely from their bed or chair as well as the Guardian STC staff attack triggers. Programming the triggers and pendants allows you to set what call type is made when the device is activated e.g. standard call, emergency call or even configuring the trigger to reset the system.

  • Quick and easy to use, requires no specialist training
  • Allows custom text to be shown on displays, making it easier to see where a call was generated
  • Works with L617 and L717 power supplies
  • Can be used to program TIR4 neck pendants and STC staff attack triggers with unique numbering, call type or client name
  • Compatible with Windows operating systems
  • Kit contains USB stick with software, USB connection cradle, PSU programming lead, pendant programming leads