Net2 handsfree keycard

5.50 (cm)
8.50 (cm)
0.90 (cm)

The term "hands-free access control" means the token that identifies a user is read from within a pocket or handbag. No hands required. This is useful for gates and barriers, loading doors and where disabled or elderly people require access. The hands-free keycard, in conjunction with hands-free interface, achieve this using the unique wireless technology.


Hands-free cards will work as a standard with all PROXIMITY readers. P series readers and KP series keypads equipped with a hands-free interface will achieve longer "hands-free" ranges.


Hands-free cards work in active and passive modes. They give a range of between 0.85m and 2.5m on any reader equipped with a hands-free interface. They work in passive mode with all other Paxton Access proximity readers. The tokens are enrolled onto the Net2 system using the standard desktop reader.

  • Read range from 0.85m to 2.5m
  • Up to 5m read range with the long range reader
  • Active tokens with replaceable batteries
  • Also works with non hands-free readers
  • Use with P and KP readers and the long range reader
  • Uses wireless technology