Premium Wired Chair Exit Alarm Kit


Premium chair exit kit including sensor mat and controller!

The risk of a patient getting out of their chair and leaving themselves susceptible to injury is a problem many caregivers have to deal with on a daily basis. We offer a premium quality chair exit alarm that make this job easier and helps reduce the likelihood a patient will leave their chair and wander unsupervised while at risk of falling. The system can be connected to the nurse call system using the provided connection lead or can be used stand-alone if preferred.

What does it do?

The chair exit alarm notifies staff when a resident leaves their chair or wheelchair. The alarm can sound locally in the room itself or it can be connected to a nurse call system so that the alarm is transmitted around the building. The system can also be supplied with portable pagers so that the alarm is sent to staff directly while they are on the move.


Available as either bed or chair sensor mat
Optional 2 second delay to help minimise false alarms
Silent mode available when connected to call systems
Clip-on sensor can raise an alarm if client leaves area
Multiple audio levels to suit every situation
Battery-powered with optional mains PSU available

How does it work?

The system is supplied with an alarm box, a chair sensor mat and a nurse call connection lead. The sensor mat is thicker and softer than standard sensor mats and features a robust connection to help prevent damage if the wire was to get pulled. It comes in its own protective card sleeve to further protect the mat from damage.

The sensor mat is placed on top of the chair or wheelchair. The alarm box can then be fixed the chair or wheelchair frame using the provided hanging brackets or placed discreetly underneath.

Note: If the facility has a nurse call system, the alarm box can be connected to this by plugging it into a nearby call point so that calls are sent around the building. In facilities without a nurse call system, the alarm box will sound an alert locally in the room!


1 x Premium quality chair sensor mat (size: 24cm x 24.5cm)
1 x Control box
1 x Nurse call connection lead
1 x Set of hanging brackets
1 x 9V battery

Nurse Call Integration

The system is compatible with the majority of nurse call systems including:

Intercall 600/700/Touch/One
Nurse Call 800
Courtney Thorne

Please specify nurse call brand when ordering!

Also available: Premium Bed Exit Alarm Kit

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