Wireless PIR Infrared Detector


The wireless PIR uses infrared detection technology to help carers reduce the risk of falls. This monitor can be mounted on a door or by the bedside to trigger an alert when a person breaks the infrared beam. The device works by emitting a harmless infrared signal which alerts the caregiver when the beam is broken.

Wireless PIR monitor are typically used in care homes and medical facilities to alert a caregiver when a client attempts to leave their bed and is at risk of falling or when they pass into a restricted area, such as a client leaving their bedroom and potentially wandering away.

The alert can be raised as a local alarm in the client’s room or by connecting the PIR to the nurse call system so the alarm is transmitted around the building.

This simple-to-use monitor comes with a fixing bracket for easy mounting to the bed frame or door, a 2m nurse call connection cable and 1 × 9V battery. Optional mains PSU also available.

Features Include:

  • Low battery indicator
  • Perfect for clients unable to use traditional sensor mats
  • Can be installed anywhere - no wiring required!
  • Quick and easy to move around
  • Optional mains PSU available