973 Intercall Touch/One Ceiling Pull Cord


The Ceiling Pull Cord is ideal for hospitals, care homes and assisted living residences. The Pull Cord is paired to a central call point, providing the call address and reset function.

There are several levels of call from a standard ‘toilet call’ through to emergency. All devices are fully programmable to meet individual care requirements.

The Pull Cord features a built-in call reassurance LED, which gives the patient or resident an immediate visual indication that their call has been successfully generated and that help is on the way.

Often located in a toilet or bathroom, the pull cord has two adjustable loops for setting the pull cord height at different levels – typically at toilet seat height and floor level. This allows patients or residents to raise the alarm even if they have fallen.

The Pull Cord has an anti-ligature breakaway cord, designed to prevent tangling when pull pressure is exerted, making the cord safe. It’s also made of hospital grade material, making it hygienic and easy to clean.

Safe and Hygienic
The Pull cord uses an antibacterial cord with anti-ligature breakaway, making it safe and easy to clean

The pull cord has 2 adjustable loops for setting the pull cord height at different levels to ensure an alarm can be raised to meet toilet alarm standards

Call reassurance LED’s are built-in all call bell aids to provide a visual confirmation that help is on the way

Technical Specification:

Height 100mm
Width 100mm
Depth 38mm
Weight 90g

Antibacterial efficacy: ISO 222196:2011

Installation: Ceiling mount surface enclosure

Compatible with Intercall Touch and Intercall One series.